Darrah Sanctuary

The Darrah sanctuary is spread over an area of 250 sq. kms and is strategically located 50 kms. away from the town of Kota.

In the days of yore, Darrah sanctuary used to be the royal hunting ground of the erstwhile maharaja of Kota. This sanctuary is densely wooded and is spread over a hilly terrain.

Desert National Park

The Thar Desert, which is known as the'ocean of sands', covers a large portion of western Rajasthan. It's a wrong notion of people that the deserts can't support a varied flora and fauna. The fragile ecosystem of the Thar supports a unique and varied wildlife species. In this vast ocean of sands lies the famous Desert National Park, which provides an excellent example of the ecosystem of the Thar Desert and its diverse wildlife.

Keoladeo Ghana National Park

Keoladeo Ghana National Park,popularly known as Bharatpur is India's best known bird sanctuary. This 28.7 square kilometre mixed wetland, woodland, grass and scrub is home to 400 plus species of birds. Only 175 kms from New Delhi, Bharatpur is on the Agra - Jaipur road and a pleasant 3 hour drive from the capital. Keoladeo is both a Ramsar and World Heritage site.

Ranthambhor National Park

Ranthambore National Park is one of the biggest and most renowned national park in Northern India. The park is located in the Sawai Madhopur district of southeastern Rajasthan, which is about 130 km from Jaipur. Being considered as one of the famous and former hunting grounds of the Maharajas of Jaipur, today the Ranthambore National Park terrain is major wildlife tourist attraction spot that has pulled the attention of many wildlife photographers and lovers in this destination.

Sariska Tiger Reserve

The tiger (Panthera tigris) is the largest among all the living wild cats of the family Felidae. It has an elongated body, short neck, and compact head with a relatively short muzzle. The legs are stout and the paws are armed with retractile claws. The total body length of an adult male tiger is between 275-290 cm and that of an adult female is 250-260 cm. The adult male tiger weighs 180-260 kg whereas the adult female weighs 100-160 kg.

Tal Chapper Sanctuary

The Tal Chappar Wildlife Sanctuary lies in the Sujangarh Tehsil of Churu District, in the North-East part of Rajasthan. It is situated at a distance of 85 KM from Churu , about 132 Km from Bikaner. and 220 km from Jaipur and lies on Nokha- Sujangarh state Highway. The nearest Railway station is Chapper which lies on Degana – Churu – Rewari metre gauge line of Northen Western Railways.