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Rajasthan Handicrafts

Fascinating Rajasthan Handicrafts is popular not only in India but all over the world. The art and craft activity was well developed in Rajasthan since the very olden times. Rajasthan has been able to preserve the art and craft tradition of bygone era and continue to produce some of the most impressive products even today. Fascinating Rajasthan Handicrafts features Tie-and-Dye Fabrics, Fine Block Printed Textiles, Wood and Ivory Carving, Lacquer and Filigree Work, Finely Cut Precious Stones, Dainty Enameled Jewelry, Paintings and Pottery.

The carpets and durries of Rajasthan are in great demand. Modern Rajasthani carpets follow north's Persian design. Often dictated by the buyer's tastes, such designs frequently incorporate hunting scenes or romantic scenes or romantic themes from Persian poetry. Durries - A durrie is a cool light Rug. Rajasthani durries are smooth and closely woven. Pastel shades and a sparse use of geometrical and vegetal motifs are popular.

Rajasthan Art specializes in carved wooden furniture that can beautify any living room in the world. Other regions of india such as Shekhawati, Kishangarh have their own styles in wooden furnitures. The furniture of Jodhpur reflects an appealing old look. Painted wooden furniture like chairs and almirahs are also commonly seen. Rajasthan Art launching a new era of Leather Furniture that has traditional or contemporary leather furniture leather chairs, leather wine chairs, leather sofas to suits for your decorative Home.

Painting of Rajasthan are yet another famous art of Rajasthan. Both styles of paintings, both miniature and folk, renowned for treatment, composition, color scheme and theme. These paintings are made with the use of lively colors, distinct lines, two-dimensional treatment of figures and distribution of the entire composition in compartments. These paintings are popularly known as 'phad' paintings.

Indian Paintings like Miniature paintings are today among the most sought after souvenirs from Rajasthan. All major centers of miniatures, namely Krishangarh, Udaipur, Jaipur and Marwar have their own styles of depicting religious and court scenes. Paintings of women is another theme, which Kishangarh has perfected as the Indian Mona Lisa.

Wall paintings must find a mention when talking about handicrafts of Rajasthan. The walls and ceilings of the palaces, havelis, even huts are decorated with colorful Rajasthani paintings. Some of the finest paintings can be witnessed in havelis of the Shekhawati region and the ancient towns of Bundi, Kota and Jaisalmer.

Rajasthani Textiles is very popular among the tourists visiting Rajasthan. The textile has a fascinating range of tie-and-dyed, block-printed fabric and embroidered. Each region has its own distinct color scheme, design and technique. Hand-block printed textiles of Sanganer and Bagru near Jaipur are very popular. Tie-and-Dye textiles called Bandhej or Bandhani are an important Rajasthani craft. Different methods are used to tie the fabric to produce various patterns like lehariya, mothda, ekdali and shikari. The best Bandhej comes from Sikar and Jodhpur. Jaipur, Barmer, Pali, Udaipur and Nathdwara are the other famous centers.