Pushkar Fair

Pushkar is a unique gem amongst the grandeur of Rajasthan. A Tourism delight and the Holy City. Pushkar is internationally known for its colorful cattle fair when thousands of devotees from all faiths assemble toz take a dip in the holy lake. "Rajasthani" Dance, "Rajasthani" music, gaily-attired folks and various cultural events........

It is one of the enchanting places in the royal sate of Rajasthan where traditions meet beauty on the golden sand. It portrays vivid images of the rich culture and the benevolent face of this mesmerizing state. This popular tourist destination is also known as the land of Lord Brahma.

It has the only temple dedicated to the creator of the universe Lord Brahma in the entire country. Another famous attraction of this place is the Pushkar Fair. It is the biggest camel fair in India and known as only fair of its genus across the globe.Millions of people visit this fair from rural India to sell their live stocks. Tourists from various parts of the world come to buy handicrafts, participate in camel races, dance, drama, and music competitions.

Best Time to Visit : October - November