Mewar Festival

The Mewar Festival of Mewar in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India is celebrated to welcome the arrival of the spring. The Mewar Festival of Mewar in Udaipur coincides with the festival of Gangaur in Udaipur, and has an unique appeal about it. The women folk gather to dress the images of Isar and Gangaur, who are the main deities at this festival and then carry them in a ceremonial procession through different parts of the city. The procession winds its way to the Gangaur Ghat at Lake Pichhola. Here, the images are shifted to special boats amidst much singing and festivity.

Once the religious part of the festival is over, the time comes for cultural events where Rajasthani culture is displayed through songs, dances and other programmes. The festival ends with an impressive fireworks display.

Mewar Festival is one festival, which is not to be missed. If you have really planned to be a part of this festival then, the most important thing is to know the exact time of the festival. The Festival coincides with the Gangaur festival of Udaipur, Rajasthan. This will allow you to celebrated both the festival at the same time, as both are celebrated at the same place. With the advent of the spring in the month of March & April, Udaipur blooms up with the aura of festive mood. This time of the year in Rajasthan, India is neither so hot nor is so cold.

Mewar Festival will surely enthuse you to the fullest. This event will acquaint you with the true culture of Rajasthan, India. The airport of Dabok, near Udaipur connects all the major cities of Rajasthan and India with Udaipur. The rail line of Udaipur also connect Udaipur directly with all the major cities of India.

The easiest route to Udaipur, the venue of the festival is from Delhi, the capital city of India. You can either go straight to Udaipur from Delhi or you can also take a longer route, if you are interested in visiting some other parts of Rajasthan, India. Starting from Delhi, you can pick the Delhi - Udaipur route or Delhi-Jaipur-Udaipur route. If you want to travel cheaper you can board a train or bus. Udaipur is connected to Delhi by all the means of transport. Just, try to leave for Udaipur well in time, so that you don't even miss a single bit of it. Dress Rajathani, eat & drink Rajasthani and enjoy the festival with much fun & frolic.

Best Time to Visit : March - April