Kite Festival

The kite festival in Jaipur which is held every year in the month of January is a one of its kind festival in India which attracts the best kite flyers of the world to participate in this unique festival and display their kite flying skills.

Jaipur's Polo Ground is the venue of this three-day mega festival. Following the mega inaugural ceremony, Air Force helicopters from high above the sky let loose bewildering variety of kites of many shapes and colors to the utter delight of the viewing public.

This three-day festival has two distinct segments - the kite flying competition and the exhibition flying. In the kite flying competition there is intense rivalry as there is much at stake by way of trophies and awards. While in exhibition flying, expert kite flyers from all over the world are provided with an opportunity to display their unusual kite flying competency and prowess.

On day 3 of the festival which happens to be the concluding day of the festival, the venue shifts to the beautifully landscaped royal turf of the majestic Umaid Bawan Palace. It is here that the finals are held followed by a glittering farewell and prize distribution ceremony.

The city of Jaipur itself is a riot of color, pomp and pageantry. To a lifestyle that is a fanfare of festivities and celebrations. To a specimen of architecture that is grand in style and intricate in design. To a fantasy in color and stone. Carved out of the desert, Jaipur is a magical city that encloses within its walls all the color and charm of the exotic and romantic land of Rajasthan. The city still retains its old world glory and charm and it is in the backdrop of such a stupendous city that the all important kite festival is held.

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Best Time to Visit : January