Desert Festival

Desert Festival is a three-day festival celebrated annually and is concluded on the full moon day known as purnima. The highlight of this festival is the display of rich and prosperous culture of Rajasthan. Otherwise barren landscape of Jaisalmer springs to life every year during the month of February. The desert festival exudes a delightful spirit of villagers from in and around the Jaisalmer, coming together to rejoice the happening Desert Festival. Desert festival is a special event where Jaisalmer is clustered with hordes of people dressed colorfully. It is looked upon by the local people as well as tourists with great excitement and anticipation.

The annual Desert Festival celebrates the creative crafts and traditional performing arts of Rajasthan. Over all these years, the desert dwellers have woven a fascinating tapestry with threads of rhythm and music in their solitude and this Festival is truly a celebration of their heritage. It is a chance worth lifetime to witness the folk art forms alongside the landscape that has been nurturing them for a number of years.

This 3-day jamboree is a juxtaposition of acrobatics, puppet shows, open-air folk dance performances, stalls highlighted with the dramatic colors of joy and gaiety, snake charmers, the pulsating Fire, Ghoomar dances and Ghair, tie and dye dupattas, colorful swirling skirts with lots of folk music, festooned camels, while desert tents and stalls adds to the dazzling charm of the Desert festival of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. If you are visiting Rajasthan, Desert Festival should not be missed at any cost.

Best Time to Visit: January - February