The history of Bikaner dates back to the late 15th century when enraged and provoked by his father, Rao Bikaji quit the palace in Marwar and established the kingdom of Bikaner in the midst of the desert surroundings. The prince fortified his kingdom in the year 1488. Since then, the city and the region has grown to be one of the reputed and richest kingdoms in the state of Rajasthan.

It was the prophecy of Karni Mata who is believed to have foretold a lot about Bikaner. The Goddess prophesied the establishment of the kingdom founded by Rao Bikaji. The forthcoming kingdom was destined to be greater than that of his father Rao Jodhaji who was the founder of the kingdom of Jodhpur. Rao Bikaji, who was the descendant of the Rathore clan of the Rajputs, left his father's kingdom with a small contingent of 100 cavalrymen and 500 soldiers. The strategic location of the kingdom on the routes of the caravans brought great prosperity to the trading community of the kingdom.

In the first few years of the kingdom, the Rajput king was in constant conflict with the powerful Bhati clan. The conflicts were resolved when Rao Bika married the daughter of the Bhati chief, Rao Shekha. The kingdom of Bikaner maintained cordial relations with the Mughals. In the 19th century, the kingdom provided Bikaner camels to the British army who got involved in the war with the Afghans.

Bikaner was also the first kingdom in the desert state of Rajasthan to introduce electricity. The economy of the kingdom facilitated with the presence of the Ganga Canal that was established by Maharaja Ganga Singh. The camel corps of Bikaner are well reputed and participate in the Republic Day parade in the capital city, Delhi.


Bikaner, India is one of the most frequented desert cities of the state of Rajasthan. The geography of Bikaner reveals the topographic location of the region. The settlement has developed outside the fortified city. Vegetation of the region comprises of the sparse growth of the desert vegetation. With the construction of the Ganga canal, it has been possible for the people to engage in the agricultural production of other crops in the green area of Bikaner.

Bikaner is rich in culture and tradition and is one of the exponents of Rajasthani art and music. The famous people of Bikaner are the great patrons of performing and fine arts. The school of Utsa art finds its roots in the city of Bikaner, Rajasthan. Folk music of Bikaner is reputed all round the globe. The fairs and the festivals of the city exhibit the richness of the cultural and traditional heritage of the city of Bikaner.

Things to Do

Bikaner-the Camel metropolis of Rajasthan was a key trade middle throughout medieval period. It lies to the linking routes of Western and North India with seaports of Gujarat. Things to complete in Bikaner are many from buying to festivals and activities and from excursions to cuisine. India Tour Guides offer all facts related to things to do in Bikaner as being a component of Bikaner Tourism.

Bikaner Tour has its diverse worth and pleasure during the Camel Festival . Camel festival is held within the month of January every 12 months. As the name suggested it really is an unique camel festival exactly where sale and buy of camels take location along with song and dance festival.

Other than camel festival, Bikaner has two significant festivals also celebrated with same enthusiasm. 1 is Gangaur Festival along with the other one is Kolayat Festival . Gangaur festival falls inside the month of March-April and is the signal of spring arrival in Rajasthan. This festival is mainly for women and signifies happiness and prosperity.

Kolayat festival is held inside the month of November and can be a reminder of living traditions of India. This festive event has an excellent significance for that Hindus. It is also referred to as as Kapil Muni Honest.

Procuring in Bikaner has its own enjoyable and charm. The bright stalls of Bikaner colorful markets are full of attractive handicrafts goods, camel leather goods, handcrafted jewelry, woolen shawls, blankets and decorative art items.

But probably the most well-known goods of Bikaner are handmade durries, rugs and carpets . Carpets with decorative and delicate work of Persian and conventional model are extremely well-liked among vacationers.

Maybe Bikaner also provides probably the most famous cuisine of Rajasthan-a combination of dal bati and churma. But probably the most well-known dish of Bikaner is rasgullas . Bikaner metropolis also provide a vast selection of snacks like the most common Bikaner ki bhujia.

Besides enjoying cuisines, festivals and shopping in Bikaner one may also take pleasure in excursions from Bikaner. Bikaner excursions offer enough chance to discover other colorful sites of Rajasthan together with India Tour Guides' Bikaner Tour.

Located at a distance of 30 km from Bikaner is Karni Mata Temple at Deshnoke a desert settlement. Karni Mata is regarded as the official deity of Bikaner metropolis. Other one is Kalibangan, a very essential web page from historical point of watch. Kalibangan can be a website of ancient Indus Valley Civilization and operate like a website link among Pre Harappan and Post Harappan Phase.

How to Reach

By Air

Jodhpur is the nearest Airport. Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan is well connected by Regular flights from all the metros cities of India--. Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai.

By Rail

A good rail network with cities connects Bikaner like Delhi, Kolkata, Jaipur and Allahabad.The "Palace on Wheels" luxury train also covers Bikaner in its eight-day tour of Rajasthan.

By Road

Bikaner is connected by road with the major cities in India. National and State Highways link Bikaner with the other major cities and metros in India.